Commvault + Microsoft:
Total cyber resilience

27+ years of co-development has led to Cleanroom Recovery, built on Azure

Unparalleled resilience, only available on Microsoft Azure

Commvault Cleanroom Recovery

Cyber resilience testing. Forensic analysis. Production failover.

“Commvault Cleanroom Recovery is the first and only solution to date Enterprise Strategy Group has validated that enables recovery to an assured-to-be-clean environment, made possible by Commvault’s any-to-any portability”

—Tony Palmer, Principal Analyst and Practice Director, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

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Defend your data and its recoverability – wherever it lives

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Secure every workload

A purpose-built, scalable platform for data protection and recovery – no matter where the data lives. Includes FedRAMP High Authorized option.

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Defend against ransomware

Layered, AI-enhanced security minimizes the impact of cyberattacks while accelerating recovery.

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Ensure predictable, rapid recovery

Powerful AI-enabled intelligence and automation recovers data faster and at lower cost. Leverage Commvault Cloud Air Gap Protect and Cleanroom Recovery to fortify every data resilience strategy.

Unlock a future-proof cyber resilience strategy with Commvault on Azure

Discover the business and economic value uncovered by the ESG Study:

“It’s clear that the results achieved with Commvault’s software on Azure show strong consistency across industries, customer profiles and organization size.”

—Nathan McAfee, Senior Economic Analyst,
Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG)

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Don't just take our word for it, hear directly from our customers:

Total resilience. No exceptions.
Stop ransomware in its tracks.

Commvault Cloud radically reduces the cost and complexity of protecting your business, while delivering industry-leading advancements in data security and cyber resilience, enhanced by AI across the platform and Commvault’s unique any-to-any portability.

Optimized for Azure to scale to any demand, Commvault Cloud provides layered defense with early threat warning, automation and when needed, fast, reliable recovery of data and systems. Test your recovery protocols, conduct resilience drills and orchestrate recovery of any workload directly to Azure.

No workload left behind

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True cyber resilience for Office, Teams Sharepoint and more. Integration with Microsoft 365 Backup

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Safeguard all your CRM data including production and sandbox environments with granular recovery and compliance options

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Comprehensive coverage across all Azure PaaS workloads

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Reduce cost and complexity of securing VMware with seamless conversion to Azure VMs

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Safeguard mission-critical workloads with refined control and rapid thruput

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Hassle-free, automated backup and restores in minutes

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Leverage our proven industry experience

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Financial Services

Commvault Cloud on Azure helps keep financial services companies resilient in the face of rising ransomware and other cyberattacks – enabling fast, reliable recovery and automated data protection for all your sensitive customer information and business critical systems.

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Image Doctor


Commvault Cloud on Azure helps ensure healthcare organization’s most sensitive EHR data and mission critical business systems are secure and always available so patient care and business operations stay on track.

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Image Factory


Commvault Cloud on Azure helps ensure cyber resilience for manufacturers’ business-critical ERP systems while strengthening their security posture and optimizing performance.

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Image Grocery Storage


Commvault Cloud on Azure helps retailers and consumer goods companies ensure cyber resilience for business-critical customer systems and meet GDPR, CCPA and other compliance needs.

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Putting public safety first while boosting agility

Learn how the Nevada Department of Transportation accelerated its move to Azure using Commvault Cloud for highly secure backups, scalable storage, and fast, reliable recovery. In 3 years, the department has cut backup times in half, achieved full compliance, and reduced infrastructure costs by 25 percent.

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